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What is Nature of Early Play?

We keep both child development and environmental impact in balance in design and manufacturing.

Nature of Early Play is a full collection of commercial grade early childhood outdoor play and learning products that reconnect children (infant through age five) with the outdoor world through interactions with dirt, sand, water, animals, music, and plants. All our products are made from heavy-duty recycled materials that will withstand all weather conditions for MANY years! Our products are all designed for use in commercial settings such as Child Development Centers, commercial Day Care, university and corporate child care providers.

Play Mart Playgrounds

The Nature of Early Play line of products is brought to you by Play Mart, Inc. We also have a line of playground equipment designed for children ages 5+ under our Play Mart brand. Visit Play Mart to see products made for the older kids.

We've been creating environmentally conscious play spaces since 1980. Let us design a playground for you!

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We have reduced overall lead times by two weeks! Beat the summer rush and get your products sooner. Learn more.

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Playgrounds from Recycled Milk Jugs


Our products are made from our exclusive Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP™). We even recycle our own manufacturing scraps again to create more material!

Custom Playground Design

Custom Site Design

Each customer’s playground site is designed in-house placing each product with appropriate spacing for safety zones and age groups. We even provide full site renderings so you see the equipment as it will look in “real life”.

Age Appropriate Playgrounds


Play equipment designed for Infants (6 months-23 months), Toddlers (18 to 36 months), and Preschoolers (2-5 years)—anthropomorphically and developmentally.

Durable Heavy Duty Playground Equipment

Safe & Durable Playground Equipment

Heavy-duty, commercial-quality, outdoor materials will withstand extreme weather for many years. Stainless Steel hardware, attachment plates, and welds. UV-resistant color additives in all plastic materials. Vandalism can be cleaned or repaired on most components easily.

Stimulating Play for Children

Stimulating Play

Physically, socially, mentally and sensorially challenging products that encourage whole-person growth, and interaction between children of varying abilities.

Playgrounds Made in USA

Made in USA

We manufacture all our products in our facility in rural USA. Each item is hand-crafted by skilled men and women. High-tech machinery assists with creating parts. We even source the majority of our materials and components in the USA.

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