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Mud Kitchen Components

Mud Kitchen Components

Culinary-inclined children can enjoy our Mud Kitchen Collection! Future chefs will appreciate the numerous features, including a pretend stove, microwave, and refrigerator; pot racks; plenty of shelf storage, and counter space. There is even a working sink!

All kitchen components are made with heavy-duty HDPE plastic meant to endure the elements year-round. Stainless steel hardware, hinges, and hooks will guarantee no rust for years. No wood means they won’t rot, splinter or warp ever! Meant to be used with sand, water, and mud in the great outdoors. Little chefs will have a blast cooking up luscious mud pies. A dream to clean up with just soap and water as needed.

Create a color-coordinated kitchen design using our Color Palette. All Kitchen Components are available in Chocolate, Mocha, Latte, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Any color combination for frame and doors.

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