Playground Borders

Borders are required with Engineered Wood Fiber Surfacing & Loose-fill Rubber Surfacing. They are optional with Unitary Rubber Surfacing.

As a part of our safety surface installation package, we include a custom designed play equipment site plan to locate borders and surfacing to be installed by our professional equipment crew.

RSP Playground Borders

RSP (Recycled Structural Plastic)

Recycled Structural Plastic™ borders are made from the same heavy-duty lumber with which we manufacture our playground equipment - 100% recycled post-consumer HDPE plastic. Smooth, rounded corners. Never rots or decays, cleans easily, low-maintenance. Secures easily with 2 metal spikes.

In Latte or Chocolate

Available dimension:

72" x 4" x 6"

$101 each plus spikes

Rubber Curb Playground Border

Rubber Curb

Made from recycled rubber tires. Flexible with rounded edges: smooth and seamless, no splintering, warping or discoloration, maintenance-free, and a twenty-year guarantee. Simple installation - secures with a metal spike.

In Brown only

Available dimensions:

3"W x 4"H X 72"L ( $89)
4"W x 6"H X 72"L ($152)
4"W x 8"H X 72"L ($219)

Molded Plastic Playground Borders

Molded Plastic Timbers

Made from polyethylene and are durable, yet lightweight. Will not rot, decay, or splinter. Rounded corners and no sharp edges. Secures with a metal spike.

In Black only

Available dimensions:

48"L x  8"H x 4"W  ($50 plus spike)

48"L x 12"H x 4"W ($56 plus spike)