Nature of Early Play products reconnect
young children with the natural world

What is Nature of Early Play?

Nature of Early Play is a full collection of commercial grade early childhood outdoor play and learning products that reconnect children (infant through age five) with the outdoor world through interactions with dirt, sand, water, animals, music, and plants. All our products are made from heavy-duty recycled materials that will withstand all weather conditions for MANY years! Our products are all designed for use in commercial settings such as Child Development Centers, commercial Day Care, university and corporate child care providers.

Outdoor Classrooms are Becoming Very Popular!

Now more than ever, outdoor classrooms are vitally important to a child’s well-being and development.

Safety concerns have schools everywhere considering outdoor classrooms. Studies show that children who experience a portion of their day in an outdoor learning environment experience cognitive and psychological benefits as well as the more obvious physical ones.

Playground Design for Infants & Toddlers

Our playground designers have deep expertise in creating the perfect play and learning environments specifically for toddlers and infants. Watch our video for a sample of our playground equipment and how we design age-appropriate play sets for young children.

We Turn Milk Jugs into Playgrounds

Nature of Early Play playground equipment is made from recycled materials. But we don't stop there, almost all of our manufacturing waste and more than 75% of our operations' waste is recycled.

Looking for Playground Equipment Designed for Kids of all Ages?

Play Mart Playgrounds, our sister company, offers the same amazing quality and construction in playground equipment and accessories built for children ages 5 and older.

Explore Nature of Early Play's durable, outdoor, natural playground equipment!