Infant Play

“No animal is so inexhaustible as an excited infant.” —Amy Leslie

Do you work with a rambunctious bunch of babies? Try a specially designed Infant Playset from Nature of Early Play! Our littlest play equipment is perfectly suited to create a safe and stimulating place for our littlest clients to practice crawling, rolling, and braving their first steps in the great outdoors.

Just because a playground is labeled as “infant outdoor equipment” does not mean that it meets safety standards for 6- to 23-month children. This means your infants could be at risk of injury from equipment that is not truly age-appropriate. At Nature of Early Play, your children’s safety is paramount. Our Infant Playgrounds are made from durable recycled plastic that goes beyond minimum safety standards and won’t rust, flake, or chip under the elements.

Infants are quickly bounding through developmental milestones as they explore their bodies and the world around them. Our infant playground designers are experts on child development, so they created equipment that provides babies with the perfect amount of stimulation to guide them in the process. Our hands-on panels, like the Rock Holds on the Tiny Hiker or the Chickadee Chime Panel on the Lacewing, keep your infants’ hands busy developing those fine motor skills. Our tunnels and slides will challenge your babies as they learn to use their bodies to wiggle through the world. You won’t be missing out either; you can soak up the sun with your tots while they play and get your daily dose of Vitamin-D. Our Infant Playsets really are a bundle of joy!