Infant Play

Infant Play

Infant Flooring:

We are pleased to present a new flooring material for 2020! This innovative material will be featured on all of our Infant playsets. (As seen on the Butterfly Hill & Swiss Chalet)

Rubberized texture is gentle to infant feet and knees, while it helps to prevent slips.  The sheet also flexes under pressure, providing a friendlier feel. So, if little ones do take a tumble, the fall won’t be quite so traumatic.

In addition to using it for flooring, we will incorporate the new material into our Rock Wall Climbers. The textured surface provides climbers with a better grip. Rock handles stay firmly secure without spinning.

Caregivers will love the non-porous, washable surface as well. Any messes can be easily hosed off.

Neutral Cloud Gray coordinates beautifully with our RSP deck frames.

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