Toddler Play

“A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” —Jerry Seinfeld

Contain all that chaos with a stimulating toddler playground from Nature of Early Play! At ages 18-36 months, children are learning to walk, communicate, and socialize with peers. Their environment plays a crucial role in their development. Our collection of high-quality toddler playground equipment offers a safe and stimulating environment for our tot-sized clients to grow their bodies and minds. Toddler playsets foster active play, enhance fine motor control, and promote cognitive development, language, and social skills. Our equipment does a lot for tots!

Our playsets for this age group span 2 different safety codes – ASTM F2373 (ages 6 – 23 months) and ASTM F1487 (ages 2-12 years). Each toddler playset meets requirements for ages 6 months to 5 years because it is designed to meet the maximum requirements of the F2373 code and the minimum requirements of the preschool portion of the F1487 code, thereby spanning and completely covering the requirements of each code for each age group. For example, all panels are designed at the minimum height required for Preschoolers (2-5 years) which is 29” high. Alternatively, the stepping platforms (decks) are spaced in 7” step increments to meet the maximum step requirements for the F2373 code.

The toddler line at Nature of Early Play includes a variety of themed playsets like the Angelfish, Sea Critters, and Galaxy Express. These include slides, tunnels, and interactive features like gears and steering wheels that build motor skills. The amusing side panels, like the Chime Panel or Color Gauge Panel with a Teleidoscope, offer playful social and sensory activities.

We also know that toddlers can turn anything into a safety hazard, so we prioritize safety by using durable recycled plastic that won’t rust, chip, or crack. Most of our equipment can be ordered with a custom color scheme that’s perfect for your daycare or other childcare facility. Contact us to help you choose a playset that will satisfy you and the pickiest of toddlers!