Infant Play Elements

Nurturing Early Development: The Importance of Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment for Infants

Do you work with a rambunctious bunch of babies? Try a specially designed Infant Playset from Nature of Early Play! Our littlest play equipment is perfectly suited to create a safe and stimulating place for our littlest clients to practice crawling, rolling, and braving their first steps in the great outdoors.

Just because a playground is labeled as “infant outdoor equipment” does not mean that it meets safety standards for 6- to 23-month-old children. If you have a generic playground, your infants could be at risk of injury from equipment that is not truly age-appropriate. Nature of Early Play’s infant playground equipment is built with the highest safety standards in mind, including our proprietary Cloud surfacing. Infant corrals provide a safe space for babies to practice crawling and moving, which is essential for building strength and coordination.