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Infant Playgrounds

Infant Playgrounds

Nature of Early Play infant products are designed for crawling, rolling and toddling babies.  Most other so-called infant outdoor equipment is not age appropriate and often does not meet the code designed for 6- to 23-month crowd, ASTM F 2373.

Our design team focuses on the baby skill development, stimulation (but not overstimulating) and need for safe spaces to crawl, roll and begin walking.  We want to challenge babies but not create hazards.  You can feel confident letting them explore baby size equipment while soaking up the all-important  Vitamin D from sunshine.

Our 2020 infant flooring is a new rubberized and slightly padded outdoor high density polyethylene,  state of the art material.  All Nature of Early Play now have this material for decking / flooring. So little ones’ knees are protected while crawling up, down and around the fun baby spaces.

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