Inclusive Play

It’s important to us to offer playground equipment that is fun for all children, including those with special needs and physical challenges.

Most common playground activities are centered around climbing, swinging, sliding, and other physical activities. We’ve designed much of our playground equipment to incorporate inclusive play elements—so children of all abilities can have fun.

Our Inclusive Play playground equipment is designed appropriately for children with visual, auditory, ambulatory, or any other limitations including deafness, blindness, hearing, or physical limitations. We’ve carefully designed these play components to offer various sensory and physical stimuli appropriate for their abilities. We’ve also added ramps and platforms for wheelchairs, adjusting the height of tables and play panels, including extra handles, and so much more.

Inclusive Play pieces are designed to be inclusive for all children, with the goal of creating a safe play space for children of all levels of ability. We can also custom design your playground for your specific needs. Contact Us for more information on Inclusive Play playground design.

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