Native American

Transform your play space into a venue for cultural exploration with our Native American Playground Equipment. This engaging, educational setup is not just an addition to your playground; it’s a gateway to a richer understanding of our nation’s history through imaginative play.

This line includes:

Tipi & Cover – This unique playhouse resembles authentic Native American dwellings of the Great Plains. It is made from robust marine-grade fabric that will shelter your children in all types of weather.

Canoe – Your children can climb inside the realistic canoe and embark on imaginary river adventures to get a playful taste of indigenous life.

Linguistic Panels – The linguistic panels can be customized with any indigenous language and can encompass weather, colors, and numbers. These make a great complement to our line of outdoor classroom equipment.

Gone Fishin’ Cabin – The Gone Fishin’ Cabin features recycled plastic siding and shingles engraved to appear like real wood without the risk of decay. Inside, kids will find benches and windows on three sides to foster imaginative play as they envision the harmonious relationship indigenous cultures shared with the land and sea.

Lesson Plans

Our Native American-themed pieces also come with lesson plans that can be easily incorporated into a teacher’s curriculum. These lesson plans are designed to meet learning objectives for age groups ranging from pre-k to upper elementary in social studies, ELA, and art. Our hope is to encourage children to have the same love and respect for nature as demonstrated by Native cultures, all while having a safe and lively playground experience.