Art and Music

Art and Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We all know the invaluable beauty of music and art, and they get even better when you take them out in the beauty of nature! At Nature of Early Play, we recognize the importance of creative outlets for your infants and preschoolers. We have an entire line of outdoor musical instruments and crafting equipment to help you harness the potential of art and music for your children’s growth and development.

Scientific studies have shown the incredible impact that playing a musical instrument has on a child’s brain development. When your infants and preschoolers jam out on our chimes and drum tables, they’re flexing those neurons and improving their future academic performance. When your toddlers sit together at a craft table, they’re doing more than getting their hands dirty. They’re engaging in group play, building critical social skills as they learn to communicate and share with one another.

The best part about art and music, however, is that they are open for anyone to enjoy. Any child, regardless of ability level, can appreciate the arts in their own way. All of our outdoor instruments and craft equipment are ADA accessible so every child at your daycare, community center, preschool or park can be a part of something great. Choose one or many of our quality pieces to add another dimension of play to your playground. Let your children join us to make the world a more delightful place with music and art equipment from Nature of Early Play!

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