Village Playground Package

Build Community Among Children with the Village Playground Package

This sample grouping of Village Play products provides ample creative outlets for imaginative play—expanding children’s minds and bodies simultaneously. Many more play houses and trike path stations available: EV Charging Garage, Fruit Stand, Farmer’s Market, Fire and Police Departments, Garages, Storage Sheds, Beach Hut, etc.

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Included in this Package

  • Little Peoples Playhouse

    Made with EcoColor Plastic, Little Peoples playhouse is a durable option for outdoor playgrounds or classrooms. This playhouse comes complete with flower boxes and chimney. An artistic shaped "window pane" above the door provides an authentic look.

  • Gone Fishin' Cabin

    Whether kids really know how to fish or just pretend, this cabin brings back memories of happy vacation days. The Gone Fish'n Cabin features engraved HDPE to mimic wooden siding and shingles. A fun addition to your Village.

  • School Bus (Preschool)

    Young children will love going for a pretend ride in the playground school bus. The plentiful window openings and open floor plan will accommodate several passengers. In the front seat, the driver can play with realistic-looking gauges, steering wheel and windshield.

  • Cafe

    Playground Cafe adds a retail experience to your child's play. A cute addition to your Village Playground. Tots can pretend to "sell" treats at this whimsical cafe.

  • Trike Traffic Signs

    An important feature on your Village Playground trike path. Kids can avoid those traffic jams with Traffic signs. Keep trikers on the right path, teaches pre-driving sign recognition and associated reading skills.

  • Arch Bridge

    The Village Playground Trike Arch Bridge presents a small challenge as trikers ride up and over the click-clack bridge. Side edges are 2 inches high to prevent trikes from falling into a troll's lair.

  • EV SuperCharger

    The realistic-looking Pump Handle and charging graphics provide the setting, and your kids provide the imaginations! While one child plays shopkeeper, others can be the customers. The result is social interaction and cooperation!

  • Vine House

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Product Specifications:

  • Series: Playground Packages
  • Ages: 2 - 5 years