Infant Playground Package

Sensory-Stimulating Package Sized Just for Infants

Children in their most exponential growth years benefit from the sensory stimulation of our gears, mirrors, texturized surfaces, visually rich patterns, musical instruments, and rocking motion of the Belly Swing. The Infant Modular space is a safe, soft, outdoor play area. The Butterfly Hill has a rubberized textured surface—soft on infant feet and knees while preventing slips.

Choose this playground package with components selected to help the littlest ones grow!

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Included in this Package

  • Modular Space (4' x 9') with Ramp and Rolling Hills

    Our Modular Space is ideal for very young children in the recently-mobile stage. Low walls provide support as they learn to stand and gain strength crawling over the Rolling Hills. Curious little fingers can explore shapes and accessories on the ledges. Includes a 2" thick pad protect from bumps and bruises.

  • Butterfly Hill (Infant)

    Designed for infants age 6-23 months! Interactive gears and spinners help babies and toddlers develop coordination, while they explore. Cutouts and a window permit easy viewing, inside and out. A mirror panel, flowers and butterfly silhouettes decorate the unit. An apple maze and other shapes delight all the senses.

  • Belly Swing

    Young children have a penchant for swinging on their bellies. The Belly Swing that is the perfect height for young ones to lay on their bellies and gently rock back and forth. If they tumble out, no worries! A 2" thick pad, covered in marine-quality outdoor fabric, prevents them from bumping their heads on a hard surface!

  • Sensory Cube

    Offers tactile and visual stimulation with a variety of shapes and textures. Panels include: mirror, rock handles, engraved geometric shapes and a cute bunny photo! The "Infant Abacus" with sliding disc stimulate the sorting, counting and symmetry brain pathways. Doubles as a Storage Box.

  • Pull Up Bars

    Infants and pre-toddlers can pull themselves up on our playground Pull Up Bars. Sure-Grip texture on the steel bars provides a secure hold. Study HDPE handles on the posts also help your little ones to practice standing.

  • Square Chime

    No Bad Notes with the Pentatonic Scale. So even very small children can make musical sounds without hitting a sour note. Makes experimenting with music fun for all ages and abilities.

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  • Series: Playground Packages, Infant Play
  • Ages: 6 - 23 months