Teach Kids to be Earth-Conscious on the Playground with an “EV” Trike Charger

Kids are never too young to start saving the world! Trike Arch Bridge | Nature of Early Play

We all try to do our part to protect the earth we all share, and our children look to us as examples. Your toddlers and preschoolers play a valuable role in the effort to create a sustainable society. They may be small in size, but their impact can be giant.

Whether your playground is a labyrinth of pedal paths for trikes, an agility course of bridges and stepping stools, or a panda-ful adventure, your kids are in a mini world of their own. We know that the playground has many mental and physical benefits under the surface, and we can add learning about our environment to the list. The playground should be a place for kids to discover that taking care of the environment can be a blast! Nature of Early Play is as green-hearted as they come, which is why we incorporate earth-conscious living into our product design.

Electric Vehicle Charging StationTwo of our favorites are the EV SuperCharger and the EV Charging Garage. These pieces of playground equipment are an entertaining way for children to learn about how electric vehicles work and why they are an important step to creating a greener future. If we want to preserve the beauty of nature for the next generations, it all starts with education. Incorporating an EV SuperCharger and Charging Station to tricycle paths on the playground is one example of how parents, teachers, daycare facilitators, and other childcare professionals can teach our kids about eco-friendly living.

As you seek educate the children in your life, let’s take a look at some ways children can do their part to take care of our planet:

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Teach kids to make a habit of turning off the TV and computers when not in use.
  • Keep AC down in summer by opening windows and bundling up in winter to save heating energy.
  • Plant a tree! Not only is planting a tree or other greenery great for the planet, it’s a great learning experience for young ones as they watch a seed or sapling grow.

Conserve Water

  • Turn off the tap! While your tots brush their teeth or scrub soapy hands, tell them to turn off the tap so they don’t send more of our precious water down the drain than needed.
  • Teach kids the right amount of water to use to water plants both indoors and outdoors. It helps the water supply and the plants!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle –  in that order!

  • Reduce: This should be our first step to lessen our impact on the environment. Every teacher and parent knows if you give a kid a glue bottle, soon their art project will be drowning in a sea of glue! Teach them early to only use what they need, with glue, water, paper, and everything else.
  • Reuse: Kids are especially great at this one—get creative to reuse “trash” for art projects, science experiments, and more. A paper towel roll can become a telescope. A coffee tin can be a flower pot. An old t-shirt can be an apron. The possibilities are endless!
  • Recycle: If you can’t reduce or reuse, make sure to recycle glass, plastics, and cans. Make sure you read up on your local recycling policy, and show children how to properly clean and discard these items. Tell kids how their exciting EV SuperCharger and EV Charging Garage are made from Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP). This sustainable material turns recycled milk jugs and other plastic waste into the playgrounds your kids love.

Inspire for the Future

Preschoolers are adults in the making. It is never too early to get kids dreaming about their future.

  • Careers: What do you want to be when you grow up? Many adults are still trying to answer that question, but kids love to tell you all about their aspirations. Get kids interested in science and technology to encourage STEM careers down the road. STEM careers can lead to future innovations that benefit the earth in remarkable ways.
  • Use those legs! Walking and biking as a form of transportation have countless benefits. They contribute to the recommended 60 minutes of activity that benefit overall physical and mental health. Preschool-age children can start out with a love for triking simply pedaling over a Trike Arch Bridge. Nature of Early Play provides everything you need to make a preschool tricycle paradise like Trike Traffic Signs, Trike Track Drive Thru, and even Trike Garage or Trike Storage Shed. A toddler triker today can become an avid biker of the future. Their bodies and the environment will thank you!
  • Sustainable Homes: Teach kids about the features of an environmentally friendly home, like solar panels and beautiful lawn alternatives.
  • Green Transportation: While your little ones are learning to navigate the roads on their trikes, they can be learning about other alternatives to gas-powered cars that have a lower impact on the earth. They will be seeing more and more electric vehicles on the road, so use the EV SuperCharger and EV Charging Garage to fuel their curiosity and teach them about the benefits of electric cars.

Great things come when we take your preschoolers’ new interest in the environment and add a spark of imagination.

EV Charging Garage Playhouse for SchoolyardYour little ones may not be ready for driver’s ed, but with a little help from the EV Supercharger and EV Charging Garage, they can make their trike bikes for toddlers into an adventure into adulthood. Each comes with features that kids and adults alike will love:

EV SuperCharger:

  • Realistic charging cable plug
  • Vibrant charging graphics
  • Modeled after the Tesla Supercharger, just like the one mom and dad use

EV Charging Garage:

  • Full-color weather-resistant photo
  • EV Supercharger graphics
  • Two hinged doors with a sliding bolt lock
  • Safe tricycle storage for up to 6 20”x30” trikes

The EV Supercharger and Charging Garage are great for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, so all of your little ones can be a part of something great. At Nature of Early Play, we don’t just talk about helping the environment. We do our share to make our products as great for our planet as they are for our kids. (See also our Earth Day article to learn about how we are constantly working to protect the earth for future generations.) The EV Supercharger and Charging Garage, just like many of our other products, are made from our proprietary Recycled Structural Plastic made from fully recycled materials and EcoColor Flat Plastic, which is made from mostly virgin and some recycled post-industrial plastic flat panels. While your toddlers are having a grand old time giving their trikes a charge, you can rest easy knowing these green materials won’t rust, splinter, or rot, so your children can continue their electric vehicle experiences long into the future. Add an EV SuperCharger and EV Charging Garage to your playground and turbocharge your kids’ passion for our planet!

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