Sand, Water, Gardening

“Play in the dirt. Because life is too short to always have clean fingernails.”—Unknown

We’ve got the dirt on all things play at Nature of Early Play! Working in a garden has innumerable benefits for children as they learn about science and nature. Not to mention it’s downright fun! We offer a line of Sand, Water, and Gardening equipment to add a touch of nature to your play area.

We want to see children learn to love the earth as much as we do. Our nature and gardening play equipment get kids immersed in early STEM education with hands-on activities so fun they won’t even realize they’re learning! Your kids will love seeing gravity and water flow in action as they watch water pour from one trough to another at our unique adjustable Water Troughs. They can observe the wonders of a contained ecosystem and appreciate the importance of conservation in a tot-sized Nature Bowl or a more adventurous-sized Greenhouse. All this learning shouldn’t come without a little mess! Make sure to incorporate a few of our beautiful Planters and RSP Sandboxes so your children can have the full nature experience. Plant the seeds of environmental learning with nature and gardening equipment from Nature of Early Play!