Introducing the Busy Bunny Center!

Busy Bunny Center Playset for Infants and Small ChildrenAs an educator, daycare operator, or nursery manager you have been given the opportunity to help young minds and bodies develop and grow.  The adorable toddlers in your charge are ready to form important new skills. Our Busy Bunny Center is an ideal playset that provides ridiculously cute and ridiculously fun play equipment for toddlers that is uniquely suited for their stage of life. It features:

  • Black and White Bunny Photo
  • Bouncy Wheel Panel
  • Curved Driving Panel
  • Teleidoscope
  • Crawl Through with Graphics
  • Geo-oval Gears Panel
  • Flower Bunny Photo
  • Mirror Panel
  • Safety Surfacing

Your babies may not be reciting Shakespeare, but there’s a lot going on in those little minds. If your tots could talk, no doubt their #1 topic (aside from the occasional “feed me” or “change me”) would be play! Just like anything else, as your babies go through toddlerhood, they go through stages of play. A playground for infants is about more than entertainment; it is about fostering key cognitive development and motor skills. We know that your baby’s development is always on your mind, and it’s on their mind, too! If your youngster could yap, here’s 12 things they would tell you when you about toddler play:

Age-Appropriate Play for Infants 6 – 9 Months

  1. Infnt Play Set Busy Bunny Shapes PanelColor my world! My little infant eyes are developing, and I love being surrounded by all kinds of colors and shapes. I’m mesmerized by the vibrant and contrasting hues I see in the pictures of rabbits on the Photo Panels. While I’m not quite ready for geometry class, I still have an appreciation for all the shapes of the world. The Geometric and Gear Panel at the Busy Bunny Center is a perfect fit. My eyes are dazzled by the red, yellow, and blue gears, and on the flip side, I can get a little lesson on my shapes. Who knew geometry could be so adorable?
  2. I want to see my pretty face in the mirror! I’m not staring at myself because I’m oh-so vain. I have a lot to learn! Mirrors help my eyes develop tracking skills as I follow my own movements and the movements of other reflections. They also encourage me to imitate what I see (even if it’s me)! Also, who doesn’t love making silly faces? Sit me in front of the Mirror Panel so I can amuse myself with all of the reflections I see.
  3. I’m tapping into my inner Mozart! I love all kinds of noises. Any toy that makes sounds will capture my attention, and while it may drive you crazy, I don’t mind hearing the same sound over and over all day long! Hearing the Driving Wheel spinning or the balls jumping around the Bouncy Ball Panel is music to my little developing ears.

Age-Appropriate Play for Babies 9 – 12 Months

  1. Toddlers Playing on Age Appropriate PlaysetCatch me if you can! I’m finally getting the hang of moving around and exploring my surroundings. I might be a speedy crawler or love cruising along where I can hang on to furniture or other supports. This means when I see something I want, I can go get it! I can’t wait to explore the Crawl Thru, or when I’m a little more advanced, I’ll use the structure of the Busy Bunny Center to brace myself as I step from panel to panel.
  2. What happens when I push this button? I’m starting to learn cause and effect, so I have fun experimenting to discover what happens when I try different things. When I spin the Gear Panel or Bouncy Ball Panel, I can see the exciting effects as the gears turn and the bouncy balls rattle and roll. So many things to try and so little time!
  3. I like to play solo! I’m perfectly capable of entertaining myself, and I usually prefer it that way. While the Busy Bunny Center can accommodate lots of tots, you may not find me interacting with those around me quite yet. Who needs other babies with all this fun equipment for toddlers to keep me busy?

Age-Appropriate Play for Young Children 12 – 18 Months

  1. Busy Bunny Photo Panel for Toddler PlayMy brain is twice as big! As a budding toddler, I’m turning into quite the smarty pants. The Shapes Panel and Teleidoscope are especially appealing as my sense of curiosity develops. Even though I love to learn, don’t sign me up for any college lectures. My attention span still needs some work, so I may only spend a few minutes on one activity before jumping to another. Don’t mind me as I check out the adorable bunnies on the Photo Panels one second and then find my way to the Driving Panel the next!
  2. These boots are made for walking! I’m perfecting my walk, and I’ll take all the practice I can get. I’ll transition from using objects to steady myself to taking some steps on my own, which goes right along with my newly found desire for independence. When I hang out at the Busy Bunny Center, I have plenty of space to take steps, either supported or not.
  3. I go bump in the night (or the day)! With all this cruising around, I’m bound to have some falls. I might let out a wail until you kiss my boo-boo, but if I land on a soft surface, I’ll have no problem bouncing back. This is why I love the Safety Surfacing that is recommended with all Nature of Early Play equipment. I may not know that this toddler playground is certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, but you can have peace of mind while I play safe and sound.

Age-Appropriate Play for Toddlers 19 – 23 Months

  1. Busy Bunny Bouncy Ball PanelI’ve got my own personality! While I’ve always been unique, my individuality is really starting to become apparent. I might love noises, movement, and chaos, or I might be a slower-paced kid who enjoys hanging out in a more relaxed environment. Or I might be somewhere in between! If I’m a party animal, I will be especially drawn by the movement of the Bouncy Ball Panel, but if I’m more of a chill child, I might prefer sitting and admiring the beautiful Photo Panels.
  2. Decisions, decisions… Making choices is hard for anyone, but as a toddler, I am just starting to discover the joys and pains of decision-making. While you handle the big things, it is important to support me in making small choices that give me a sense of control and independence without putting myself in harm’s way. The playground is a great place to practice making minor decisions. I can pick which part of the Busy Bunny Center is appealing at the moment, and thankfully there’s a lot to choose from!
  3. What’s that kid doing over there? I’m starting to transition from solitary play to being an onlooker. I’m not quite a social butterfly yet, but I’m interested in what other tots are up to. When you take me to a playground for toddlers, you might see me observing my peers playing around me. I might be more entertained watching my neighbor playing with the Driving Wheel than using the Driving Wheel myself. It may not be polite to stare, but the playground is no place for diplomacy!

As you can see, your infants are quite passionate about play! The Busy Bunny Center is a great playset for daycares, churches, or neighborhood parks to cater to infants. Many playsets may claim to be suitable for babies and toddlers, but at Nature of Early Play, we make infant playground sets that are intentionally designed for the developmental and safety needs of children 6-23 months old. (Read our story Why is it so important to have age-appropriate play equipment for children?) You can rest assured that your busy bunnies are getting everything they need and more on the Busy Bunny playset!

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Busy Bunny Center Playset for Infants and Small Children

Busy Bunny Center Playset for Infants and Small Children


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