Featured Playset: Noah’s Ark (preschool)

Welcome aboard Noah’s Ark!

Noah's Ark Manufactured playground playset | Nature of Early Play

Noah’s Ark (Preschool)

This is one of our most popular playsets for preschoolers, and it’s not hard to see why. From the Wave Slide to the Chute Scrambler, it packs loads of entertainment into one boat. Your kids can march two by two with the giraffes, elephants, and lions onto their new favorite playground. They will have the opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies while having a shipload of fun. Your kids will love all of its features, including:

  • Color Mirror Panel
  • Teleidoscopes
  • Rock Wall Climber with Handle Panels
  • Wave Slide with a Single Slide Hood
  • Store Front Panel and Kids Bench
  • Double Photo Panel
  • Window Driving Panel
  • Chute Scrambler with Handle Panel
  • Combo Steps with Handle
  • Oval Gear Panel
  • Village Roof
  • ADA Transfer Deck

There is no doubt that each of your children will find their own adventure on the stormy seas aboard Noah’s Ark.

Fostering Imaginative Play

One of the goals of our themed playsets is to spark the imagination. The child’s mind is a place of seemingly endless possibilities, and we love seeing what your kids dream up when they use our playground equipment. The Noah’s Ark ship playground is the perfect setting for imaginative play, as it offers many features designed to take young minds to a different time and place. Your kids can imagine themselves among the animals when they look at the colorful picture of elephants, rhinos, lions, and zebras on the outside of the Double Photo Panel. When they venture onto the Ark, they can envision the stormy seas that are vividly depicted on the inside of the panel. A steering wheel is conveniently placed next to the picture so children can attempt to steer the boat and its crew to safety. This boat playground is sure to get the creative juices flowing as strong as the flood waters.

Sparking a Love for STEAM

Noah's Ark Manufactured playground playset | Nature of Early PlayThe Noah’s Ark is one of our most popular playsets in our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) collection. At Nature of Early Play, we want our products to provide more than just entertainment. We understand the value of the natural learning that takes place in a quality play environment, so we design our STEAM products to be as educational as they are entertaining. Noah’s Ark is a great example of how learning and fun can come together seamlessly. The Oval Gears Panel allows children to see gears in action, which builds curiosity about the mechanics of basic machines. Across from the gears panel your kids can find the Solar Panel with two Teleidoscopes. A teleidoscope, much like the familiar kaleidoscope, contains mirrors and lenses that allow kids to see the world in a whole new way. Whatever the child points at will become a mesmerizing mosaic of colors and shapes. Their world will be transformed as they experiment with rotating the teleidoscope and changing its direction. The two teleidoscopes are placed at different heights to allow for an even broader range of perspectives. This also means that two of your youngsters can use the scopes at once, so they can describe and compare what they see. Learning is always more fun with a buddy!

Active Play

While your children are going to get a mental workout aboard this stimulating ship, their bodies will be benefiting as well. They will have a chance to develop the muscles in the arms and legs as they climb up the Rock Wall to reach the main deck. If a rock wall isn’t their thing, there are plenty of stairs to get the heart rate up as they wander around the Ark. Once they experience the fun of sliding down the Wave Slide and Chute Scrambler, they will be hooked on climbing up and sliding down over and over again. As with all of our playgrounds, your youngsters will benefit simply from getting outside and active in the fresh air. The Noah’s Ark playset will make getting the kids off the couch a breeze. Need a playset for your tinier tots? A similar playset with the same theme is available for infants: Noah’s Ark with Tunnel (Infant).

Accessibility and Safety

Noah made sure to include every type of animal on his ark, and we want to make sure every type of child can experience all this playground boat has to offer. That’s why we went above and beyond to make this playset handicap accessible and inclusive. It has an ADA transfer deck with handles, which allows easy transfer on board from a wheelchair or other mobility device. Regardless of ability differences, we never let the safety of your children be compromised with our equipment. For instance, the Rock Wall Climber is now made with rubberized high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to make the climb as safe as it is exciting. As with all of our products, Noah’s Ark comes with safety surfaces and is certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Get on your way to play!

Our goal with all of our products is to give your children a safe and engaging place to be a kid. If your little ones desire a more coastal feel, this playground is also offered as the Beach Boat. It has the same great equipment while featuring sea creatures instead of land animals. All of our Nature of Early Play products are made from quality sustainable materials that will hold up under real stormy weather and heavy usage. We are excited to hear how your children are loving this sensational seacraft. When you see all the fun to be had aboard Noah’s Ark, you may be tempted to join in yourself!

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